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Our rings are made by British designers who hand-make your ring to your requested size. It's best to get your finger sized professionally and many jewellers will do this for free - although you may like to show some interest in some of their designs. The internet has plenty of suggestions for ways to secretly obtain your partners ring size so you can have fun considering some of those! Our jewellery makers will re-size rings; some allow one re-sizing for free and others will make a charge - please check the descriptions of each ring for details. If you feel like enjoying an evening of measuring fingers for future plans then for a limited time only, we can send you a plastic measuring gauge for just £1 It'll come in an I Love You Shop® envelope and might just add a little excitement to the day when it's opened! Of course you could measure several fingers for gifts over a longer period of time so as to leave each other guessing of the plans...





Jewellery Double Pear Gem Set Ring


Jewellery Gold Venus Ring


Jewellery Silver Venus Ring - choice of stones


Jewellery Princess silver swerve ring with gemstone


Jewellery Silver Calypso Ring with choice of stone plus diamond


Jewellery Gold Europa Ring


Jewellery Silver and Gold Europa Ring


Jewellery Silver Three Bead Ring with 9ct gold beads.


Jewellery Engage silver ring with 9ct gold detail