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These silver hearts are designed to be a reminder of a special moment or feeling, they could be given to mark a special moment, a special place or special words. Putting a hand into a pocket whilst waiting for a train or coming across it in a purse whilst rummaging for change, these beautiful, tactile solid love hearts are a very romantic reminder that you have someone that loves you.

The 10p in the image has been added for scale, the hearts are solid silver, weighing 18 grams and they measure 23mm across. They vary in price according to their particular patterns and textures. You can add a 2pt diamond to the design at additional cost.

You might like to buy two as reciprocal commitment gifts, to have and to hold even when you are apart. In time the textures will wear smooth (unless they are kept on a shelf) so view them as more a part of the giving experience, you history with them will shape them as part of their story. The diamonds, of course, are forever and are not going anywhere!

There is a guide time of delivery within a week but this may need to be revised in cases where materials need to be ordered in for your piece, this usually affects things by only a few extra days. Please bear this in mind and if there is a particular deadline you need to make please get in touch about delivery times before you order and we will let you know if it is possible.

Solid silver love hearts in various styles


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Variant Price
Plain polished heart £75.00
Plain polished heart with 2pt diamond £115.00
Satin heart £75.00
Satin heart with 2pt diamond £115.00
Central heart £80.00
Central heart with 2pt diamond £120.00
Random hearts £80.00
Random hearts with 2pt diamond £120.00
Central star £80.00
Central star with 2pt diamond £120.00
Random stars £80.00
Random stars with 2pt diamond £120.00

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